Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Short Flights vs Long Flights

Last week when I was flying to Denver I read my book the whole time. Not something unusual. But for whatever reason it made me realize that I have different habits when I take a short flight vs when I'm on a longer flight. Of course, I took that thinking opportunity and turned it into a post because the more I think about it the more curious I am if other people are the same way.

Short Flight
While what I carry in my personal item purse doesn't really change (with the exception of nighttime ritual stuff) what I do on my flight definitely does. When I have a short flight, probably 4 hours or less, I always read. I start reading the second I sit down and rarely do anything else besides say 'Yes, I'd like snacks' and 'a Diet Coke, please.'  I also listen to music while reading to avoid talking to my seat mates which usually works. Why people think anybody with headphones in wants to engage in conversation is beyond me but I digress.

I think because I know I won't be in that seat for an extended amount of time, I take full advantage of uninterrupted reading time. I can usually get a solid chunk of book read and I love these medium length flights because they go so fast and I feel like I can get a ton of reading accomplished.

Long Flight
Here's where I realize I get really weird because not only do I do things differently on a long flight, but I also do things differently on a long flight somewhere vs a long flight back home. I can never do things normally I've come to realize.

Long Flight TO Destination--If I psychoanalyze myself I think I can boil it down to excited nerves. When I take a long flight somewhere, it's really hard for me to read and get into a book. I think it's because I'm so amped and excited I'm going somewhere, it's hard for me to concentrate on a different world and really be invested in another character's journey. I might be able to finish a book if I'm already invested, but starting a new book? Fuggedaboutit. A flight to somewhere is probably the only time in my life besides a movie theater that I can sit and watch a movie. It's almost impossible for me to watch a movie at home and not do something else while I'm doing it. I have zero attention span for starting at a TV for the length of a movie--I know, I know, I'm bizarre as hell. But seriously, a small part of me always looks forward to flights somewhere because I can catch up on all the newer movies I didn't deem worthy to see in theaters. It also makes the time go back super fast and helps me fall asleep a bit easier just having a movie to zone out to because let's be real, I'mma try to sleep as much as possible on the flight there.

Long Flight Home--THIS is when I can usually get a lot of reading done or finish a book I started while traveling. I think it's because my adrenaline from traveling is finally winding down, I'm getting back into a home routine, I have nothing to look forward to minus seeing my family, I can concentrate on a story because I'm not eagerly anticipating landing. Weird, right? I'll also almost always be awake the entire flight home as to not screw up my internal clock anymore than it already it.

What about you guys?! Do you have different routines for a short flight or long flight?
Anybody else as weird as I am?


  1. Sadly I've never been on a flight longer than a couple of hours (I KNOW UGH), but I always read for most of it! My boyfriend likes to talk my ear off though because he'll either play his PS Vita or listen to music.

    1. Haha, love the power of a book in your face or headphones. LOL!

  2. I made it back from Peru! The Inca Trail was amazing and the fact to was challenging made Machu Picchu that much more rewarding. Definitely one of my best trips so far!

    I find that when I fly I really don't have a routine. I may have a plan going in, but most of the time just find whatever way I can to sleep. It's actually helped me on the longer trips with minimal jet lag. The most annoying thing for me is that I actually cannot seem to read on flights. I faithfully pack a book, but most times never end up opening it.

    1. I was JUST thinking about your comment and wondering if you completed the Trail! Did you love it?! I also think that on flights to places because I WANT to sleep as much as possible and sometimes it just doesn't happen for me sadly. I'm with you on being all about fighting jet lag!

  3. I had to really think about how I am on longer versus shorter flights! We do the same thing on shorter flights - read books and listen to music (seriously though, I don't want to talk to you if I don't know you and even if I do, I'm also in my reading zone, thank you very much). For longer flights (like the ones I take to the Philippines), it really depends! Sometimes, I'll not be able to sleep and end up reading the entire time, and other times, I'll end up asleep from start to finish.

    Hilariously, I only ever watch movies or shows if I'm with someone else.


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