Monday, May 22, 2017

Hot Cross Buns

"I never stayed. Anywhere. I loved being on the road, meeting new people, hanging my hat somewhere just long enough to sink my teeth into something that used to be incredible and needed to be brought back to life.
And once that was done, ti was off to the next project."
--Alice Clayton, Buns
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 324
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2017
Source: ARC provided by publisher
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Previous Books in Series: Nuts & Cream of the Crop

My Thoughts

The Belle
When I saw Buns show up on NetGalley I immediately requested and started after I finished my current read. If you've been here and read my rave reviews for it's predecessors, you know that I was ready to go back to the Hudson Valley with some homegrown hotties. And I was not disappointed.
Buns follows the final friend in this amazing trio of friends. Clara has a bit of a darker past that she's constantly working on leaving behind. Emphasis on leaving behind. Today, she is an uber-successful hotel rebrand consultant. Archie is the son of the golden family of Bailey Falls who owns a beautiful but failing hotel. The sparks that fly between them are incredible. Total hate to love which I love to love. Their chemistry and sexual tension is fantastic and I was just waiting for them to both finally combust and find each other.

But Archie hasn't had the picture perfect past either. Fighting some demons of his own this was also something the two had to work through together. What I love about these books is that Clayton gives us drama and a hint of angst but it's realistic. It's not contrived or gratuitous but organic. I'm never sitting here rolling my eyes waiting for the ostentatious drama to end. I love this about her books and this series.

My other favorite part of this series is the setting. Clayton paints Bailey Falls and the Hudson Valley so perfectly that I want to book a vacation there myself! I love the imagery of the mountains and lake and small town feel. It's an incredible quality to be able to bring a place to life like this and I cannot say enough good things about this series and its setting.

My only complaint is that while I felt the conflict was organic, it did feel a bit long in the middle. Maybe just because I'm impatient for the HEA but it felt a bit repetitive in the middle and I was waiting to move on. Regardless of that, I still really enjoyed the book and would highly recommend this series to anybody who loves romance, snarky banter, and small town settings!
Reserved Seating
If you love small towns, snarky banter, and auburn men...this book is for you.

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