Friday, June 9, 2017

Words Have the Power to Change Us // The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

If I haven't said it about a thousand time already on Instagram or Twitter or in my recent review, I'll say it again; I recently read The Alice Network by Kate Quinn and I LOVED it! I was so inspired and empowered and moved by it that I want to shout it from the rooftops! It was incredible! So it's no surprise I found a quote--there were several but I chose this one because it really struck me--that I wanted to represent on Words Have the Power to Change Us. There really were so many beautiful moments in that book that I could highlight or talk about but this one was the most powerful to me.

The book features different women with different strengths and weaknesses during WWI and WWII. This quote came at a time when one character was figuring out her strength and that she had quite a lot of it. It was so empowering to read about a woman understanding her ability to take care of herself. It's empowering today but in 1947 it was even moreso. And it made me think even though there are independent women everywhere, I still feel it is a very relevant topic that all women need to go through at one point in their lives. We need to realize we are not helpless or a the mercy of any outdated stereotype. We are not weak. And that strengths come in all different shapes and sizes. Strength is not all fire and might and loud and exciting. It can be quiet and reserved and still as strong as steel.

What I personally took from this quote was the realization that while there are many parts of life that are out of our control, we still have control over a lot. There are certain parts of my life that I wish were different and I have zero control over and it drives me nuts and frustrates me and its a feeling I don't like to feel at all. But when I read this is was a totally centering experience and felt like a deep breath for my soul. I may be out of control of certain things but I am not helpless. I can choose how to react to the things that frustrate me in a positive way or a negative way and that was very empowering to remember.

I talked about this a lot in my review so I won't talk your ear off again but it felt important to, again, highlight an important and beautiful moment in a book about strong women taking their lives by the balls and doing what they felt was right for me. And that is a lesson that I think will forever be timeless.

If you haven't read checked out The Alice Network yet, do yourself a favor and get this book now!


  1. I have not checked out The Alice Network yet, but after reading your posts that mention it I think i definitely will at some point.It sounds like a wonderful read.

  2. I'm picking up my copy today. Can't wait to read it!


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