Monday, July 3, 2017

An Unbreakable {Code} Love

"Any man deserving of your notice will need nothing to impress him but that you should be yourself, 
and any man deserving of your love will see you as you truly are, 
and love you notwithstanding."
--Susanna Kearsley, A Desperate Fortune
Genre: Adult Contemporary and Historical Fiction
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Pages: 528
Publication Date: April 7th, 2015
Source: Borrowed
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My Thoughts

The Belle
If you can't tell, I've been binging all of Susanna Kearsley's backlist of books and I thoroughly enjoying it! As with her other books, I fell in love with this one. I've come to expect certain things when I read a Kearsley book and those things were all present in this book.
One of those things being a setting that makes you feel like you're there. This book takes place in France which was a fun change from England or Scotland (or Russia). I love that she explores lesser known areas of countries because it brings such a uniqueness to the book. The towns she describes are all so different but so welcoming in my mind's eye. I could spend all day reading her books imagining I'm in a different place. Unlike her other books though, we go many different places in France when we are visiting the past and I loved this.

The present day story brought us outside of Paris to a charming house and wonderful group of people. Sara, a super intelligent young woman who has a knack for breaking codes, accepts a job from a friend of her Aunt's to help break a code of a diary from a Jacobite rebellion some 300 years ago. While Sara tries to break this code she becomes close with the people around her, the lady of the house she's working in who owns the journal, the housekeeper, her son, and ex-husband. Sara also has Asperger's which is a form of autism and the way she sees the world is fascinating. I don't say that to sound disrespectful but the way she describes and sees the world around her is different from how people without Asperger's see it and I thought how Kearsley did this was extremely well done.

I loved reading about Sara's method to uncover the truth of the diary, almost as much as I loved reading what she uncovered in the diary. The diary of Mary Dundas and her life was so engaging! Her story takes us all over France as she finds herself entangled with the Jacobite cause and protecting a man the English want from being discovered. The romance of this past story was brilliant! It was such a slow burn of subtle signals and sly glances that holy shit, when something started to happen towards the end I felt butterflies! It was so intense and sweet and romantic. The hero is quiet and unassuming, the best kind, and it felt so heartfelt. I found myself tearing up at the end because it was so beautiful.

As with all the other Kearsley books I've read I found myself transported not only in time but in place. The setting she describes and the emotions she evokes from me while reading are on another level. It is beautiful and subtle and everything that is right with historical fiction and romantic stories.

The Beast
My only small complaint is that it was a little slow to start. I blame some of this on myself as I was reading in small spurts and couldn't find a solid chunk of time to get involved with the story but still worth mentioning. If you read this and find it slow to start, keep going, the rest is totally worth it.
Backstage Pass
If you love stories of the past, vivid settings, and colorful characters...this book is for you.

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  1. Every single time you write or talk about a Kearsley book, I'm always like - I need to read it! And it's no different with this one, especially because it's set in France ;)


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