Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bestie Beatriz Binge // Quotes and Insta-Moments

Hannah and I decided to read all of Beatriz Williams books together after my incessant text messaging to her while I was reading my first book. I read 80% of her entire collected works in about a week and a half. I'm seriously smitten. Utterly obsessed. I wanted to read nothing else and re-read until my hearts content. Hannah was also so obsessed--see what I did there?--and we had the best time reading them together and then discussing. We had a standing phone call date the morning after every book we finished. They're that good. And what better way to share our overwhelming love than with a book event all this week showcasing what we love about Beatriz William. We give you...the Bestie Beatriz Binge!

Today our love for Beatriz continues! Today we're telling you our favorite quote from each book and sharing photos we took. If you've seen my Instagram lately you'll have seen my kickass photos of Beatriz's books! It was totally unintentional at first that I ended up taking a photo and posting every book by her I was reading. It happened because I loved them so much I had to share! I'm sharing them again today along with my favorite quote from the book.

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  1. These quote are NOT helping me resist the temptation to buy all of these books. They are so good out of context, and I can't imagine how they'd be as part of the story! Also, the photos you have are awesome <3


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