Friday, July 14, 2017

Instalife {5}

Eep! It's been quite a long time since I did an Instalife, like since January and it's now July, so clearly it was about time. I love doing these because I seriously love Instagram, and taking photos in general, it is my favorite social media platform because it has very minimal bullshit. But I digress. Here's what I've been up to on Instagram, and of course I'd love if you followed along!

Row 1
#WanderlustWednesday in Bratislava, Slovakia. Loved their town center! // Getting that summer hair and letting it sit while reading Cocoa Beach // Mug Life with one of my favs mugs and the last of my Beatriz Binge reading!

Row 2
Pool days with *cough* another Beatriz book! // #WanderlustWednesday and celebrating Canada 150 with a favorite shot of me at Capilano Suspension Bridge park aka a Hunger Games Arena // 4th of July party with family, so fun because I wasn't home last year so it was extra special to be celebrating with family!

Row 3 
Celebrated my sister's 22nd bday with a throwback! She hated hugs then...she hates them now. // #WanderlustWednesday in Toronto a few years ago ice skating outside! // Happy 20th Anniversary to Harry Potter! #PotterForLife

Row 4
Welcoming the beginning of summer with a nighttime trip to Kopp's, a local custard joint. Delicious! // The weather was perfect for sleeping with the windows open after I got off a night shift, it was glorious. // June 22nd is epic to me because it's the day in historical fiction that Tatiana and Alexander meet in The Bronze Horseman...le sigh!

Thanks for stopping by and if you want up to date photos check out my Instagram!

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  1. Even though I catch these on Instagram, I still think it's so fun to see them in a post and find out more about each snap!


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