Friday, July 7, 2017

Mug Life {3}

Back for another edition of Mug Life! I seriously love this feature so much, I can't wait to do a quick update on all the fun stuff!

My Current Read // Everything and anything Beatriz Williams. I am OBSESSED thanks to Hannah's book buying habits. I am loving everything I'm reading by her and I'm so excited to start Cocoa Beach which will be my next read after finishing A Wicked City...another book by Williams!
Underneath the Mug // I got this beautiful Kate Spade mug from Betty as a gift and I think it's so unique and chic and it's just a bit larger than a standard size mug and it's just really nice to dorky do I sound?!
Get Nailed // Essie in Blanc. I love bright colors for summer and for some reason I always seem to gravitate towards white in the peak of summer. Maybe I'm trying to subconsciously stay cool, haha!

Look Book // I'm very into the open shoulder, Spanish-inspired tops. I've got a few and while the need for a strapless bra is annoying, I love the look.
Inspired By // I have been in a super positive mood as of late and I can't really explain why. I've just felt great about life and getting out in the sun and it's been fantastic being able to finally walk around and get outside.
Frame-Worthy Moment // With the risk of sounding vain, I love the look of this photo I took of myself at Capilano Suspension Bridge. It's not easy, or very cool, to take a good selfie and I know I look a damn fool when trying to get the angel of the camera and my 'look in the distant' face just right. The color of this just turned out so cool looking in my opinion and I love it. Of course, check out my Instagram for more!
Explore // I got back form Vancouver a few weeks ago and I fell in love! I wish I could have spent more time there but there's always next time!

What are you guys reading and wearing and exploring this week?!


  1. Beatriz Williams is one of my favorite authors! I can't wait to get Cocoa Beach from my library.

  2. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..

  3. You and Hannah made me want ALL THE BEATRIZ WILLIAMS, so thanks for that! But also, I love off shoulder tops a lot too. They always make me feel a little sassy, a little sexy ;)


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