Monday, August 14, 2017

Rich With the Spoils of Time

Something Dangerous // Into Temptation
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 736 // 675
Source: Gifted by Hannah--thanks, love!
Publisher : Overlook Press

Something Dangerous was quite a bit more difficult to get into than it's predecessor No Angel. I'll get the bad out of the way first and say for a book about a publishing family dynasty, this book needed some serious editing. The first quarter was really rough for me. Repetitive, slow-moving, and the constant conflict of infidelity among these male characters is trying to say the least. I have the same criticism for the final book, Into Temptation, as well because c'mon, man. It's just getting old. I get over decades and many relationships infidelity will probably happen, but for almost EVERY relationship and character to be victim of it? It's lazy and uninspired. You can think of something else to cause conflict, like literally anything. It just got laughably ridiculous if it didn't make me so frustrated. But moving on. Once we got past some indiscretions, the rest of the book was great. WWII is on the horizon and then happening and it's always interesting to see how so many different characters play a role. From the men to the women, they all play a part and are all obviously affected by it. Giles, poor Giles, got a lot of the brunt of criticism and I really found that unfair. I loved him in No Angel and was rooting for him in Something Dangerous and the man really can't catch a break. Barty is a wonderful character who I just adore. Celia continues to be a force to be reckoned with and she is hands down my favorite character. Venetia and Adele have grown up and I LOVED seeing Venetia's transformation from a flighty airhead to a very successful and intelligent woman. She might be a close favorite as well. Overall, this book spans many years, many triumphs, and many trials. I love seeing what these characters will do and how they will react.
Rating: Reserved Seating

Into Temptation brought initial annoyance, again because of infidelity, but unlike Something Dangerous it was short-lived and only touched on again later when my annoyance level was down. This book bounced back quickly after the first 80-100 pages and after that I couldn't put it down. I loved the involvement of an even younger group of Lyttons and Co. We get to spend a lot more time in New York, we get to see a lot of new relationships, and we get to see a lot of drama. Celia continues to be my favorite character. Her ability to meet any crisis, any conflict, any obstacle head on with a cool demeanor and the utmost confidence is inspiring. She loves unconditionally and I love that about her. An overarching theme of these books is that love is about loving an imperfect person and accepting them for who they are. That is not more true than when examining Barty's new relationship. No spoilers but I have to say I detested a certain new character in her life and while the issue got resolved, I really wish there was more of a satisfying resolution to it. I truly loved seeing all these characters work through their issues, whatever they may be, and see where they all end up. I'd have loved an epilogue highlighting what happens to all these characters the rest of their lives but alas, I'll just have to use my imagination. 
Rating: Reserved Seating

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