Friday, October 13, 2017

Creating a Capsule Library

When Hannah asked me if I thought a post about what books or authors would make our own personal time capsule would be a good idea, I jumped on the YES! wagon. How does it work, you ask? WELL! The idea is similar to a capsule wardrobe. Staple clothes and accessories that you cannot live without that make up your core wardrobe. For this project you have 10 spots; 5-7 authors (clothes) and 3-5 individual books (accessories). You can pick and choose how many of each but you cannot have more than 10.

She wanted to make it a little hard for us all--because she's evil--because she was curious to know at the end of the day, house on fire, apocalypse has occurred, what is your short list of books and/or authors that make up your shelves. In addition to that, we paired each book or author with an article of clothing or accessory that fits that book or author.


SKINNY JEANS • Laura Andersen • Laura's Boleyn King series and Tudor Legacy series are my skinny jeans. The Tudor era is an area of historical fiction that I have read and loved for years and I feel comfortable in its content. They are my go-to staple bottom, always feel comfortable, and something I will always gravitate towards.

OFF THE SHOULDER TOP • Suzanne Collins • The Hunger Games is such an iconic and core set of books from my reading life that I can't imagine life without it, same with a good off the shoulder top. I am a child of the 80's and if there is any fashion component I took with me from that era into adulthood, it is this top. It is the style of top I always want to wear and I could pick up and read The Hunger Games at any time or day and be 100% content and happy.

LEATHER LEGGINGS • Sarah J Maas • Leather leggings, like Sarah's books, look like something typical at first glance...but then you see the sass they really are. Unexpected, not your average legging, with the perfect amount of femininity and strength, Aelin, Feyre, Lysandra, and co. definitely are more than you first expect, just like my favorite pair of leggings.

CUT-OFF SHORTS • Mhairi McFarlane • Mhairi's books about women and their adulthood struggles and foibles are my cut-off shorts. Fun, sassy, and don't take themselves too seriously, Mhairi and her heroines are exactly this. They look great when you're looking for something casual but still sexy and chic.

BOYFRIEND CARDIGAN • JK Rowling • The childhood staple that has transcended into adulthood importance, I might not always need a boyfriend cardigan to wear, but it will always be a staple in my wardrobe and my reading life. It is comfy, familiar, makes me feel good, and will always be there to keep my heart--and body--warm.

LEATHER JACKET • JR Ward • If you've read the Black Dagger Brotherhood, you know these are badass mofos. JR Ward's books are sexy, feature strong heroes and heroines, and take zero shit. When I wear one of my leather jackets, it makes me feel strong and untouchable...and really just next level cool. These books are also all of those things and more.

PORTOFINO BLOUSE • Beatriz Williams • Like the Portofino blouse, Beatriz's books are classic, chic, with just the right amount of sass. I tend to lean towards a cute Portofino for a night out because it has a perfect blend of dressing up and looking sexy and Beatriz's books are just the same. Their historical fiction component is classic and compelling but her heroines are anything but conventional.

CHIC SUNGLASSES • The Secret by Julie Garwood • I never leave the house without sunglasses, it is my staple accessory above all things, The Secret is a book that I will never not want to read and escape to. I have read it 3 times in one year, takes places in the Highlands, and there is not a world I want to live in that doesn't have this book in it.

CLASSIC BOOTS • Me Before You by Jojo Moyes • Literal and figuratively, boots represent Me Before You. It inspired me to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. The book's message is very much a foundation for how I live my life. My favorite kind of shoe is a boot, my favorite kind of book is one that inspires me and nothing beats this book in that arena.

MEANINGFUL BRACELET • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak • I love bracelets--or necklaces--that have a meaningful symbol or quote I love. The Book Thief is flush with beautiful words and meaningful quotes which is why there is no better representation in my wardrobe library than this book for this go-to jewelry accessory.

What authors or books would make your capsule library?

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  1. Love your author time capsule! I'd also have to choose J.K. Rowling. I love both her Harry Potter side as well as her darker Cormoran Strike side. I get the cozies from HP and edge-of-my-seat excitement when she's writing as Robert Gailbraith. So, for me, the item of clothing that goes with J.K. is my favorite pair of jeans. They're super duper comfy, but when paired with the right stuff, they can look pretty edgy too.


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