Monday, October 23, 2017

Welcome to Gideon's Cove

You might have seen on my Mug Life recently that I fell into a Kristan Higgins rabbit hole and it was everything I didn't know I needed and more. I decided to do a fun and different kind of series review. What I loved about this series--and there was a lot--was that each book felt distinctly different. A lot of times when I read a series in a binge the details become blurry or I confuse the heroines or heroes because they're so similar but this is not the case with Gideon's Cove--or Blue Heron but stay tuned for that. SO. Here's a fun breakdown on which book to start with if you're feeling sassy and don't want to start with the first or if you're just looking for a quick breakdown of what makes each book unique.

If You're Looking for an Independent Yet Hopeless Romantic...Pick Up Catch of the Day // Maggie in Catch of the Day is a heroine all women can relate to on some level. Unless you're one of those unicorn creatures who was born beautiful and graceful and never gets embarrassed. But I digress. Maggie is in her 30s. Single. And wanting more than anything to find a nice man to settle down with and she finally finds the perfect man...but he's a Catholic Priest. From there, Maggie is victim to a series of embarrassing events that will have you laughing along with her and your heart breaking for her. The romance is great but Maggie as a heroine is what stole the show for me and is my favorite book of the series because of her. Her dog is also my favorite and made me want a dog something desperate; anybody that knows me knows what a huge statement that is for me to say...just sayin.

If You're Looking for a Complicated Second Chance Romance...Pick Up The Next Best Thing // Prior to this series and author, I'm not a huge fan of second chance romances but this book and others made me rethink my opinion. Lucy is a widower and Ethan is her brother-in-law. Their dynamic was so incredible. I loved the idea that they were best friends before and after her marriage. I loved that she finally felt she was ready for love and looked in all the wrong places. I loved the restaurant background and the Italian in-laws. This book was funny and heart-warming and I couldn't put it down!

If You're Looking for a Fantastic Hate to Love Romance...Pick Up Somebody to Love // Parker has the monopoly on hate when it comes to James. She calls him Thing One because he is her father's right-hand man and it's hilarious. This book ties together the first and the second when Parker moves to Gideon's Cove to fix up her deceased aunt's house. I love reading about renovations--and hate to love--so this book was so fun to read. Add in Parker's standoffish attitude and her adorable son and we have a winner.

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Basically, if you're looking for funny, heart-warming, snarky romances set in idyllic Maine...this series is for you!

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  1. I recently binged Blue Heron (which caused Hannah to binge them right afterwards haha) and LOVED them. It sounds like I need to give this series a try too!


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