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Rising Above

Now That You Mention It
My Thoughts
The Belle
While I haven't reviewed every Kristan Higgins book I've read, I have a good reason. I binge read her entire backlist of SIXTEEN BOOKS within about 5 weeks...closer to 4 if I'm being honest with an outlier or two as I was waiting to read them because towards the end I needed to cherish them. When I saw her newest book was coming out soon, I requested it and was blessed with it's presence on my doorstep a few weeks later. Spoiler Alert: It did not disappoint.

What I've come to expect from Higgins are a few things. 1. Strong, intelligent, driven, and quirky but not annoying heroines. 2. Swoony and smart love interest 3. Dogs (anybody that knows me knows I am not a huge dog fan but I can say this author changed my previously diehard opinion) 4. Fantastic setting 5. Relatable characters and 6. Realistic conflict. Now That You Mention It had all of this and more.

The heroine, Nora, is headed back to her hometown...homeisland?...Scupper Island after an accident. She has a lot of trepidation about going back home because she avoids it at all cost for reasons unknown to the reader. Her family life is complicated, a mother who doesn't show affection, a father who left when she was in fifth grade, a sister currently in prison, and a niece who is almost a stranger to her. Higgins does complicated family dynamics so well. I loved this family of misfit outcasts and how much Nora cared about them hell or high water. I loved their quirks and their head butting. Even when it's intense, Higgins still finds a way to incorporate humor and I love her for this!

The setting felt like a character itself with its vivid imagery and interesting cast of characters. Per usual, Higgins secondary characters were fleshed out. There was one character in particular who was so hilarious I was legit laughing out loud. #HarryPotterPunsForTheWin. I love that her books alwasy have strong female friendships as well as strong romances. And speaking of...

The romance definitely was not a forefront of the story and I was okay with this. The journey of Nora and finding acceptance as an adult in her hometown was engaging and so interesting I couldn't stop reading. But I still loved the romance we got and the history between the hero and heroine. The overall feeling of the books felt more women's fiction to me than romance. I really loved being in Nora's head and reading her story and just seeing what life brought her. Higgins' books have officially solidified themselves as instant favorites on my shelf. There's just something very comforting and inspiring about reading them. She is probably my newest favorite author and I cannot wait to read more from her!

The Beast
There was one conflict between Nora and another character towards the end of the middle of the book that felt unnecessary. It wasn't fully resolved in my opinion and the way the other character acted felt...I don't know just shitty and not cool. It could have been edited and the book wouldn't have changed at all.

Oh, another thing. In a trauma situation or any medical situation where you don't know the person's blood type, you transfuse O Negative, not O Positive. Antibodies are real.

Backstage Pass
If you love unique settings, island life, and introspective heroines...this book is for you.

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 384
Publication Date: December 26th, 2017
Source: ARC provided by publisher
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