Tuesday, February 13, 2018

You're My Person // A Galentine's Day Gift Guide

When Rachel texted myself, Hannah, and Alexa asking what we thought of doing a collaboration for Galentine's Day celebrating our favorite fictional friendships, of course I said yes! We each chose our favorite fiction friendship, be if from books, tv shows, or movies, and created a gift guide to accompany it.

My choice of favorite friendship is, without a doubt, Judith Elizabeth and Frances Catherine from The Secret by Julie Garwood. While the romance is nothing to scoff at, the element of the book that most caught my attention was the friendship between these two unlikely girls. They meet as children at a fair taking place on the Scottish and English border. Judith being English and Frances being Scottish is what makes this friendship infinitely unlikely in medieval Scotland when these two bordering nations hated one another. But alas, their love for one another conquered all. Here is my gift guide for these two incredible women.

1. Plaid Scarf | I'd like to think the first thing that comes to mind whenever anyone thinks of Scotland is plaid, so a plaid scarf that doubles as a wrap is a must-have for any Scottish dweller or lover. Judith moves to Scotland within the book so she needs plaid to represent her clan as well as keep her warm.

2. Hat and Mittens Set | I actually have this exact set from Aran Traditions that I bought in Edinburgh and they know their wool--duh. The temperatures of Scotland can get chilly so keeping yourself warm is a must as is the reasons above for plaid. These are extremely warm and the knit connecting the gloves is perfect for Hogmanay on Princes Street when you want to shuck your gloves off for a selfie and not lose them. The hat also kept my head warm at 19,340 ft on top of Kilimanjaro if you needed any further endorsement. 

3. What To Expect When You're Expecting | Frances Catherine is pregnant in the book and Judith promises to be at the birth and Judith is just the kind of friend who would buy this for her expecting friend. Especially as she moonlights as a midwife.

4. Equestrian-Style Boots | Medieval Scotland comes with horse transportation, so a pair of nice riding boots is a must. But this is 2018 so above-the-knee slouchy leather boots are how I personally do riding boots.

5. Essential Oils Set | As I said above, Judith learns a lot of midwife techniques and has her own ideas about 'modern' medicine. On the flip side, today a lot more people are into natural health remedies and this essential oils kit is perfect as a complement to Western medicine and something Judith might have dabbled in herself albeit in a slightly different way.

6. Suitcase | As friends from different nations, a cute suitcase is absolutely a necessity when traveling to see a friend across the border. And because this is a fantasy gift guide, I couldn't pass up this beautiful Rose Gold suitcase I found online. I swoon for this suitcase.

7. Monogram Stationary | And when actual travel to see your friend isn't enough, there's always letter writing. Judith and Frances didn't have smart phones so old-fashioned letters it was! I personally love the idea of personalized stationary and writing hand-written notes. There's just something about it.

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide for Galentine's Day according to Judith and Frances Catherine! 
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