Friday, March 2, 2018

UK Recap Fit for a Queen // Back at Home • Mug Life 5

Mug Life is a periodic feature on the blog where I talk about what
I'm reading, wearing, drinking out of, and wanderlust dreaming about.
If you've been following on the blog or Instagram, you know that Hannah and I were traveling in the UK--but kind of don't bring it up or I'll cry all the tears of sadness that 1. I'm no longer with her 2. I'm not in the UK anymore and 3. I'm no longer with Hannah. I didn't think it was possible to love her more but it was! I am mourning the loss of this trip still today but I digress. While we were there, we did a UK Recs series for books, TV/Movies, and places we love; we thought we would do a parallel 3 day recap talking about books, what we did, and a back home mug life!

On Monday, we talked about the books we read while traveling; Wednesday was our trip recap, and today is our Mug Life featuring the book we read when we got home. The fates aligned and Hannah and I had a parallel with the first books we read after our trip together. She read something I rec'd to her and I read something she rec'd to me! We both fell in love with our respective books AND the London mugs we bought so, of course, a Mug Life was born!

My Current Read // After visiting so many royal palaces, Hannah mentioned a non-fiction book about Diana's life and I picked it up from the library straight away. But what she really had to push on me was the London Celebrities series by Lucy Parker. Hannah knows how militant I am about my TBR so any book she pitches, she knows she has to pitch right or I'll give a noncommital 'I'll look it up.' Especially after I saw the cover, I was kinda surprised this was a 'Hannah So Loved It' kind of book. She read me well though. With the words, 'quick read,' 'hate to love,' 'West End theater,' and 'the drama is realistic but short-lived,' she had me at hello.

Act Like It is pictured, the first book of the series, and I very quickly was captivated by the romances of the West End. Could not put these down! Def read them if you haven't yet if you're looking for a fun, sassy, hilarious, low-grade drama romance set in London's West End!
Underneath the Mug // I bought this mug in London, woot woot! I love the black and white images of all the token London attractions with the pop of red color on the guards and telephone booths. So sad I'm no longer there but will always have a smile on my face when I use this mug.
Get Nailed // Sally Hansen Jealous Boyfriend. I love this dark green color for winter. I've been wearing it a lot and was one of the two colors I allowed myself on the trip.

Look Book // One of my new favorite go to tops is anything with a fun neckline. I love this jewel-toned t-shirt that ties in the front (not pictured) and the straps of fabric on the neckline. Another favorite top is a gray t-shirt from Express with a scrunchy turtleneck and fabric X over the chest. Love love love!
Inspired By // Travel, friendship, books, everything! The UK trip with Hannah was so incredible (even if I am super sad we're not together anymore, damn geography!) and fun. I loved seeing history come alive with her and visiting both new places and old ones. The books I read while abroad and shortly after were so fun and just what I needed. I have been inspired to kick ass on my travel journal, be creative in my planners, and blog! I haven't felt inspired to blog in so long and it feels so good to not only be inspired but get things done!
Frame-Worthy Moment // Gah, how do I choose a picture from the trip?! I decided to go with my favorite selfie of us in Scotland and two Queens on their thrones. Duh. Don't forget to check out my Instagram for more photos!
Explore // The UK...over and over and over and over again! I can't wait to go back and already have a running list of new places to explore!

Don't forget to check out Hannah's Mug Life today and find out what book I convinced her to read!

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