Friday, June 8, 2018

Mug Life {6}

While I've got my blog motivation going, might as well do an updated yet throwback Mug Life! I took this picture in Seattle and ironically it has all--mostly--of the elements I needed for it so why not! Let's do a travel version of Mug Life, switch it up a bit AND combine it with a review of the book can kind of see it...sorry *shrugs*

My Current Read // Not the best picture but what I WAS reading IN BED WITH THE BEAST by Tara Sivec and LOVING IT!! It's the second book in the Naughty Princess Club series. I was so excited for this book because--duh--Beauty and the Beast, pease note my book sleeve. I thought this book was clever and smart and I loved Belle and the 'beast.' I loved that she was shy and unsure of herself and really came into her own. Beast was patient and kind and so thoughtful. I loved the twists and nods to the original fairy tale in the first book and this book also was SO clever in it's delivery. Her bad dates and parallels to the inanimate objects from the story were just too, too good. The friendship between Belle, Cindy, and Ariel was incredible. They are so honest and real yet supportive of each other in the perfect balance. I CANNOT WAIT for Ariel's book because she is so crass and in your face, I cannot wait to see her vulnerable and fall in love *sigh*.

Underneath the Mug // I took this in the moment while at a cafe recommended by Wendy! So it's not a mug per say but I was really enjoying my morning coffee at an adorable cafe in Seattle!

Get Nailed // Essie's Mint Apple Candy was perfect for Spring! I'm not a huge fan of spring colors but I've been definitely vibe'ing with some pastels lately!

Look Book // My new obsession is stackable rings. I love love love love love wearing multiple rings at a time and mixing and matching and adding more than one per finger. I think it is so easy and simple to do and so funky yet chic. I love everything about it.

Inspired By // As we all know, I haven't been blogging a lot recently so I've been inspired by traveling and reading and Hannah's best hype girl speech to get back into this!

Frame-Worthy Moment // Can't pick a favorite so I'm gonna go with a pic of me with Hannah in Atlanta and me and my sister in NYC! As always, I love the Instagram and would love if ya followed me on there! No pressure or anything.

Explore // As I talked about in my Itinerary Update, I was in Seattle, Atlanta, AND New York in the past month and it was absolutely incredible. Exhausting but in the best way!

"I want the fairy tale. I DESERVE THE FAIRY TALE."
--Tara Sivec, In Bed With the Beast

In Bed with the Beast (The Naughty Princess Club, #2)
Reserved Seating
If you love fairy tales, modern takes, and Beauty and the Beast...this book is for you.
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Travel Publisher: Swerve
Pages: 304 Publication Date: June 5th, 2017
Source: ARC provided by publisher
Find on: Goodreads

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