Monday, June 11, 2018

Not Your Typical Rockstar

I'm not gonna lie. For the longest time I really had no interest in this series. I am very anti-celebrity, royalty, anything having to do with being famous. I don't like reading about. I don't care. I don't like the theme of 'he's a prince or he's a famous actor what's he doing with me' because it's all bullshit to me. Nobody is better than anybody else and because of my opinion on that, I stay away from royalty and celebrity-based romances. HOWEVER. If something comes highly recommended enough by a very trusted friend, I'll usually at least give it a college try. When I saw these on my library's Overdrive for audio, I thought I'd give it a try...and I am so glad I did!

The major reason I ended up giving these a chance is because Steph told me there really isn't a big emphasis on their fame. It is discussed but it really focuses on the two people in the relationship and their own personal issues. I loved this. Each and every couple felt unique and special.

David and Evelyn in Lick might be my favorite. I loved that they got married in Vegas, she doesn't remember a thing, and the series of unfortunate events that occur that help them get to know each other for real. It warmed my heart and I loved every second of it. I LOVED the conflict and how it all played out. It felt super organic and as true to a real life situation as possible which I feel is hard to do with a celebrity romance.

Mal and Anne in Play were probably the most funny and light-hearted of the books. They both have their relationship shortcomings but I adored reading about them! Mal is so funny and wears his heart on his sleeve but I also loved Anne's reservation and vulnerability.

Jimmy and Lena featured in Lead were definitely the most melodramatic and it's to be expected with Jimmy being the lead singer of the band and all-around pretty boy. They had a lot to overcome in order to find their HEA but it was worth every second. While a lot of fighting and lack of communication can annoy me, it didn't in this. I loved the push and pull of their tension-filled relationship and the payoff was even better.

Lizzy and Ben in Deep took a turn I didn't expect with Lizzy discovering she's pregnant in the first chapter. I was SO excited for their story because it was hinted at for a few books. And while overall I liked it, it felt a little unnecessary in some of the conflict. Like the two characters were finding issues that weren't there to fight over and not be together.

Regardless, all of the books felt cohesive and complemented each other. Honestly, I wanted to start over at the beginning and listen to them all over again. It was such a great reading experience and I just fell in love with the characters and story and everything about it!

I listened to the audiobooks of the entire series and it was fantastic! I loved the narrator and I honestly could not get through these fast enough, I never wanted to stop listening. They were so fun and funny, snarky and sexy. It was almost a blessing in disguise the day I had a 6 hour migraine because I just laid in a dark room and listened to my book. If you're thinking about reading or listening to these, definitely give them a shot, they are awesome!
Reserved Seating
If you love snark, sexiness, and fantastical beginnings...these books is for you.

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance 
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Source: Audio borrowed from library
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