Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere // Tourist Tuesday at Voyageur Books

If you read my post last week or been following my Instagram, you'll know that I have just started to adopt Tourist Tuesday. This means that every Tuesday--or as each Tuesday allows--I will try and do something big, small, or in-between that I have never done before. It can be as simple as walking by a part of a neighborhood I've never been to, a new restaurant, a cafe, etc. ANYTHING that I haven't done before. This idea was inspired by ALONE TIME by Stephanie Rosenbloom. This week the weather derailed what I really wanted to do so I'll save that idea for another day; what I actually did decide to do was Google search bookstores near me and I found one I've never been to before!

Voyageur Books downtown was such a great choice! It was such a fantastic surprise to walk into this lovely store and browse their shelves. There was a moderate selection of Fiction and a good assortment of almost any genre you can think of including local history which I always think is fun. Their downstairs had a few gorgeous tables, chairs, and sofa to sample your selected books or take a few quiet minutes to start reading which I definitely took advantage of before I purchased my books! What started as a disappointing weather day making me change my plans ended up being such a wonderful afternoon. 

I ended up walking away with one new-to-me book that is an historical ficiton about Catherine the Great and anybody that knows me can figure out why I chose that one; I have a weak spot for Russian historicals! I also found a copy of Julie Buxbaum's THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE which I've been wanting on my shelves for a while. And finally, I found a what looks like brand new copy of the new mass market paperback of DARK LOVER by my all-time fav JR Ward! So exciting and awesome so find such great books at a new bookstore!

Are there any local bookstores you've never been to or haunts you've wanted to try for awhile?!


  1. I love the idea of Tourist Tuesday! My boyfriend and I are always trying to find new local adventures. When we moved back to CT after a year away, we wanted to keep the "adventure feel" going, even though we technically returned home to what we already knew.

    1. Exactly! I want that fun, excited feeling about stuff around me, not just when I travel!


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