Monday, October 22, 2018

Light Up the Darkness | Series Roulette

Welcome to the first day of the Light Up the Darkness | A Throne of Glass Celebration! This week is so exciting! The final book of the Throne of Glass series, Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas, releases tomorrow and I am!. I cannot wait to see what happens to all my babies and what they do and what happens to them and how they all end up and everything!

To honor this exciting moment in one of my favorite series, Hannah from So Obsessed With, Alexa from Alexa Loves Books, Rachel from hello, chelly and I are doing a blog event to celebrate the series! This series means so much to me in so many ways and I know it does to the other ladies, too. We have had so much fun putting together these posts and talking about the series. Fun but also painful having to make some difficult choices as to favorites!

Today we are doing series roulette--a play on our previous collaboration of Book Boyfriend Roulette. We're each choosing our favorite female character, male character, and book to share. And then on my blog, I'll share our choices for favorite Member of the Cadre/Thirteen. The other ladies are featuring one other favorite category unique to their blog, so don't forget to check out theirs, too! AND feel free to share your choices and picks in the comments below!

AELIN ASHRYVER GALATHYNIUS will always be my favorite character. Quite possibly of all time. I see so much of myself in her that it's hard not to love her. The dichotomy of her personality speaks to me. I love that she is fierce and outspoken and stands up for what is right but I also love that she has so much kindness and thoughtfulness in her. She is the last person you want to mess with and will gut you with words or swords but if you are hurting or in need she will not hesitate to help those who need it. She always has the last word and her wit is astounding. Her snarky comebacks never fail to make me laugh. I am going to go in so much harder on her personality on Friday in my discussion post so I'll leave it at that for now because I could be here all day talking about how much I love her!
SARTAQ was not the male character I thought I would choose but while rereading I could not help but be completely enchanted by him! He is a prince of his realm but he identifies more as a warrior and with the family of his choosing in the mountains. This is what I love about him. He could be a pampered prince and only concern himself with politics and how to be heir but instead he couldn't care less. He wants to be a defender of his people. A warrior prince who is not too good to muck out the Ruk stables or clean up around the cave. And he loves Nesryn for who she is and one of my favorite lines of the series is when he says, 'I think I loved you before I even saw you.' I love this because it shows he cares more about outward appearance and beauty, he cares about the soul of a woman who would put herself at risk to save another with an impossible shot of her arrow. He is incredible and I absolutely cannot wait to see what is in store for him in Kingdom of Ash.

I can easily make an argument for why every book in the series is the best but EMPIRE OF STORMS cracks my heart wide open. It is just...everything. It has everything. Redemption, loyalty, revenge, friendship, love, standing up for what is right, seeing beyond judgments, finding yourself, EVERYTHING!! I thought Queen of Shadows would have been my choice, and it was for awhile but when I started rereading EoS I couldn't not choose this. This book has the most incredible scene in Skull's Bay where everyone comes together like total badasses and #squadgoals to defeat an armada. It has Manon realizing once and for where she stands and what she stands for. It has Elide being her badass self and owning who she is and not taking any shit from anyone, learning strength comes in all forms. It has Dorian coming into the King he will one day be. Lorcan discovering that the world isn't just one shade of black. It has Aelin making mistakes and owning up to them but ultimately choosing others over herself. It has everyone coming together against a common enemy and choosing to make a stand for what is right and not what is easy. The end of this book, and many moments in between, gives me chills and while every book in this series is incredible and important, Empire of Storms just has all the players finally making a stand and that I just cannot get enough of.

LORCAN is my Carranam and favorite member of the Cadre/Thirteen because he is the other side of my coin. While Sartaq is my love because he would balance out my fire with his cool level-headedness, Lorcan would feed the fire inside me and ask when and where we are going to destroy my enemies vs why / let's talk about this first. But in reality, he'll probably already have beaten me to it because he's just that way. Lorcan fits my MO of being the moody, broody bastard who is so much more than meets the eye. He is broken and scarred and stubborn in his ways that people aren't worth saving. His code is unbendable and misguided and he doesn't even know it. But he's not a lost cause or unchangeable. He has goodness in him even if he'll never see it in himself, his actions speak louder than his mental doubts ever will.

Who are you favorites in these categories?
Are you ready for Kingdom of Ash tomorrow?

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