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This Girl...
...is me. Hey there! My name's Kelly! I'm a 20-something--how old do you think I look?--girl who started this blog as a cathartic way to let loose my feels on books. It has since evolved to more than books alone. I've loved to read for as long as I can remember. I was always that kid in school who had already read the book that was assigned to us in school from as early as 4th grade. Oops? I've also wanted to travel since I think I could walk. My parents had a standing globe in our house that I was obsessed with. It even had the landscape elevation on it. I remember spinnng that globe over and over again, deciding which foreign place I wanted to go to next. Running my fingers along the bumps of foreign terrain is a core memory for me. I hope you like what you read and for the time being here's a little bit more about me.

...Loves to read. There are few things more amazing to me than being fully immersed and transported while reading. I love feeling totally out of this world and in another one. I love connecting with characters and finding pieces of myself in them. I love how many different lives and experiences I get to experience just by sitting down and opening up a book. I feel more connected to the world around me when I get to understand other people's thoughts and emotions. I am in love with words, I truly find them magical and really believe that words have the power to change us.

...Loves to travel. And by love I mean I am absolutely obsessed with! I will take any and every excuse to take a trip somewhere. Odds are if I'm not reading I'm probably plotting when I can take my next trip. Some of my favorite destinations and places in this world are because of books I've read and history I've learned. Being able to combine my love of reading and then traveling to those places is the greatest thing to me.

...Loves to love. I am in love with love. I love to live life to the fullest and have as many adventures as possible. I love reading romance novels or any story with love in it. I love traveling to see beautiful places I've both read about and heard about. I live by the words by Jojo Moyes, 'You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.'

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

Book: Harry Potter, Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Bronze Horseman, Throne of Glass, Boleyn King, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Original Sinners (& so many others but check out my list of book recs for the whole kit and caboodle)

Authors: JR Ward, Sarah J Maas, Laura Andersen, Susanna Kearsley, Jojo Moyes, Tiffany Reisz, Suzanne Collins, Mhairi McFarlane, Deborah Harkness and many, many others!

Book Boyfriends: Zsadist, Rhys, Dominic Courtenay, Gage Travis, Iain Maitland, Jake Becker, Kingsley Edge, and Nash Donovan

Travel Destination Love: London, Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands, Rome, Porticello, Ireland, Scotland

Travel Destination Lust: Russia, Greece, Maldives, New Zealand, Uganda

Food: Pizza, Pasta, French Fries, CAKE

Drink: Diet Coke, Strawberry Crystal Light Packets, Coffee + Flavored Creamer

Color: Green and Purple and Black but not together

Clothing: Leather leggings, tees, maxi dresses, and combat boots or really boots of any kind

Movie: Beauty and the Beast

TV Show: Game of Thrones when it's on otherwise any and all Real Housewives. Trashy reality TV is my thing.

Sports: Duke Basketball, Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, New York Giants (and a proxy Boston Red Sox fan in homage to some of my favorite book characters, looking at you Butch and V)

Obsessed With: Disney, Star Wars, taking travel photos, maps, inspirational quotes, making lists, crafting travel projects, working out, zoning out to music, and purses

Can't Live Without: My passport, lip balm, my iPod, whatever book I'm currently reading

I hope you follow along while I ramble about books, travel, and life. Whether by plane, page, or picture my goal is so inspire by reading good books, taking great trips, or just knowing you can do it.


  1. You're so adorable! What a beautiful smile =)

  2. Belle,

    Thanks for the message on my blog! I think we're totally destined to be book friends too - I love your blog and admire your love of words (they truly are magical :D)


    1. Oh of course it is the truth!! We NEED to be book friends! And thanks for the compliment! I still feel like I blog to myself haha. Love yours too obvi! :)

  3. Your blog button is so cute.I loved belle growing up!!!

    Libertad@ http://twinjabookreviews.blogspot.com

  4. Love your blog!
    Can't wait to

    ~ Shayenne

  5. I watch you on YouTube and I also read your blog. I really enjoy your Book Bangin series and your book choices are so spot on. I really like your recommendations. But how do you read so many books so quickly? I am a new book blogger and I wonder where you or any other book blogger find the time to read so many books in so little time?

  6. Aw *.* You're really cute! I love your blog! ♥


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