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So obviously this is a book blog and it came recently to my attention that when people ask me, 'what book should I read next?' that I respond initially with a little bit of a slack-jawed face. What a loaded freakin' question, right? So I decided to add a page here on the blog of a nice, concise (kind of) guide to books I would recommend you read. Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes. They also have different moods for what type of book they're feeling like. I broke it down by age category and genres and added an 'All-Time Favorite Books Ever' category at the top. Click on the picture and you can read my review and if I read it before I started blogging, click on the picture and it'll bring you to the Goodreads page. Hope you find something you like!

All-Time Favorite Books Ever

Adult Contemporary


**Note: Juliet, The Thirteenth Tale, The Last Letter to Your Lover, and The Girl You Left Behind also have historical fiction components.

Adult Paranormal and Fantasy

Adult Historical Fiction

**NOTE--The Kite Runner and all the Kate Morton books have a contemporary component as well.**

Adult Romance

*Note: Only listed Midnight Rescue but the entire series is amazing as all hell*

Adult Historical Romance

*Note: The entier Hathaways series I recommend! First book is featured above-Mine Till Midnight*

New Adult Contemporary


Young Adult Fantasy

Young Adult Historical Fiction

Young Adult Dystopia

Young Adult Contemporary

Young Adult Paranormal

Young Adult Sci-Fi

All Things Dark and Twisted (and Sometimes Sexy)...Not For the Faint of Heart

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  1. Whoa :)
    I love a few of these too. I'll have to bookmark some others!


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