Adventures in the Great Wide Somewhere--My travel feature posted every Wednesday where I give insight to the locations I've visited and what to do. Posts will also have miscellaneous travel advice and tips I've picked up along the way. If you love travel or have always wanted to I really hope youll check these out!

Book Bangin'--No longer an active feature but feel free to browse around it! Each month I talked about my favorite book boyfriends in a flailing vlog where I give, in my humble opinion, all the best recs for book boyfriends.

Book Pushin'--This is a feature that was inspired after I read The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. I purpose of Book Pushin' is for me express how much I LOVE a specific book. If I read a book that changes me and I fall hard, HARD in love with, I will Book Push it. It is a way for me to get out all my feels and to let you guys know how amazing I think said book is.

RSVP Early To...-This is a feature I started after reading The Winner's Curse. I received it as an ARC and I loved it so much I needed a short and sweet post giving all my readers a heads up on a book coming out that everyone needs on their radar. RSVP Early To...is just that. Mark this book as one to get on release day.-

Fashionably Late To...--This feature will be a normal book review but it falls under this feature when the book has been out for quite awhile. I read it and wonder why in the heck I haven't read it earlier. Thus, I'm fashionably late to the amazing book.


  1. HI, HI, HI!!! Have you decided on your August topic yet? I know you mentioned you were going to leave it open for suggestion but we're trying to plan out so we can do a podcast this month! :)


  2. I don't know how I ended up here, but yay!!!!! This sounds exciting! :D


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