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Bestie Beatriz Binge // The Collected Works

Hannah and I decided to read all of Beatriz Williams books together after my incessant text messaging to her while I was reading my first book. I read 80% of her entire collected works in about a week and a half. I'm seriously smitten. Utterly obsessed. I wanted to read nothing else and re-read until my hearts content. Hannah was also so obsessed--see what I did there?--and we had the best time reading them together and then discussing. We had a standing phone call date the morning after every book we finished. They're that good. And what better way to share our overwhelming love than with a book event all this week showcasing what we love about Beatriz William. We give you...the Bestie Beatriz Binge!

Today we're doing a breakdown of all her books and what we thought! I'm giving you a Quick and Dirty summary and What Hooked Me because made me obsessed! So I wanted to tell you what exactly it was that made me obsessed.

Quick and Dirty: A woman from Wisconsin (have to plug that, sorry not sorry) working in 2007 NYC in finance meets an uber billionaire who seems to fall in love with her on the spot. Secrets are everywhere, the connection is instant but feels ancient, time travel to WWI is legit.

You Had Me At: One of my triggers for books that will make me add to my TBR instantly is time travel romances or love that transcends time and centuries. While there was instant love, it didn't bother me because this is one of my favorite sub-genres. I loved that these two people had a connection for a secret reason and getting all the pieces over the course of the book was so fun and romantic!

Quick and Dirty: Lily met Nick and fell in love in college. An unknown situation tore them apart and now Nick has returned years later and is married to Lily's former best friend. Cue ALL the angst and drama.

You Had Me At: Nick and Lily's love story is beautiful. It felt so pure and old-fashioned in the best way that I HAD to keep reading and find out what the hell happened to make these two perfect for each other people not end up together. It was family and relationship drama in the best way, angst but not too much, Goldilocks just right.

Quick and Dirty: Violet Grant marries a much older professor in the 1910s and soon discovers all is not as it seems. In the 1960s, Vivian Schuyler receives a mysterious piece of luggage with Violet's name on it and begins to unravel an old family mystery. Oh, and she has basically the best meet-cute with a Dr Paul who is just a dish.

You Had Me At: Honestly? Everything. From Vivian's sassy candor to Violet's discovery that she can get more out of life, I loved every second of this book. It was 100% a case of 'one more chapter, one more chapter' because I wanted both their stories so much I couldn't put the book down.

Quick and Dirty: Tiny Schuyler is engaged but has eyes from afar for a man she always sees at the diner and years later she comes in contact with this man again. We see her marriage struggles, deeply hidden family secrets, and lots of dry humor from our girl Tiny.

You Had Me At:  The initial meetings between Tiny and Caspian were so thick with tension and so sweet. Then Tiny's inner thoughts a few years later and what she's dealing with now is addicting. She married into an old family with lots of societal rules and traditions and her dry humor observations will have you totally rooting for this misunderstood Schuyler sister.

Quick and Dirty: France in WWII shows us Anabelle who loves a man she cannot have and marries a man she maybe shouldn't have. 1960s Pepper Schuyler meets a mysterious woman who wants to buy the old car she lovingly restored.

You Had Me At: I can't even put into words how intense this book is. Once you hit the 40-50% mark, you will not be able to put it down. The tension of living in Germany during Hitler's rise to power play a major role which was so scary to read about. I could feel the emotions of the characters leaping off the page. The relationships in the book are so complex and so beautiful and this book has one of the best endings I have ever read. My favorite of all of Beatriz's books and that's saying a lot!

Quick and Dirty: An older woman, Theresa, is having an affair with a younger man, Octavian. Theresa's brother becomes engaged to a younger woman and enlists Octavian to check her out to make sure she's worthy. Let's just say that backfires. And a murder mystery decades old comes to light.

You Had Me At: A slow start because I did not like the older woman Theresa at all, turned out to be one of the most addicting and engaging reading experiences. The younger woman Sophie was such a beautiful character. Her relationship with Octavian was so fun to read and the affair with the older woman had just the right amount of drama that it made it fun to read and hate this character, haha.

Quick and Dirty: After finding her husband cheating on her, a woman in 1998 NYC moves into an apartment building that has a unique history, it used to be an infamous speakeasy in the 1920s. And in 1920s NYC, Gin Kelly lives a scandalous life after distancing herself from her small-town Maryland family and past. But the past has a way of creeping up on...especially when the Prohibitionists think your stepdad is the most dangerous bootlegger in the country.

You Had Me At: I loved Gin and Ella in both their timelines. Gin was sassy and independent and took no shit which I loved. She has a rough past and I loved the conflict of her confronting it. Modern day Ella is a character--if you've read the other books--that you're definitely going to want to know and root for. She was just awesome.

Quick and Dirty: Featuring the sister of Sophie from Cocoa Beach, Virgina is in Florida trying to track down her estranged husband. But paradise is far from beautiful when you find out your husband wasn't making money exactly the way you thought he was. We also get the origin story of Virginia and Simon falling in love in the midst of WWI.

You Had Me At:  This book was by far the most mysterious. It had a bit of a different tone than the other books in that there's a psychological element to it so I just HAD to find out what the hell was going on! There are some crazy oh-em-gee moments that kept me turning the pages until late into the night.

Quick and Dirty: Three women separated by decades, each with a story of their own to tell. They are connected through a ruby necklace and a painting and a room but they don't know it.

You Had Me At: I HAD to know how all these stories connected!! The love stories each of these women had was poignant and deep but as you're reading you know certain things don't add up and you just have to find out why. It's also was fascinating to see how one house and city can change so much over 60 years.

Does this make you want to read Beatriz Williams?
Which books sounds the most exciting to you?
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  1. As I tweeted at you yesterday, I ended up with 5 new books after reading yours and Hannah's posts. I cannot wait to dive into any of them but I think A Hundred Summers will be my first!

  2. Ugh, all of these books have amazing summaries and I cannot wait until I can read them all! I definitely see the appeal of each story, and hope I love them as much as y'all did.


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