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UK Recs Fit For a Queen // Favorite Places

In case you don't follow me on social media, Hannah and I are currently traveling around the UK! We both wanted to commemorate our adventure on our blogs and what better way than to talk about all the different facets of the UK and why we love it. We'll be talking about our favorite books set in the UK, movies, and what initially drew us to our love of this place.

Today, we're talking about what we love about the UK and favorite parts about actually being there. I have an obsession with traveling and while I want to see so much of this world, my heart is always in the UK. It will always be my first choice destination no matter how many times I've been there and so this doesn't turn into a dissertation about my love, Hannah and I decided to prompt ourselves with these four questions:
1. When/How did your love for the UK begin?
2. What is your favorite thing you've done there?
3. What is your favorite place there?
4. What is one thing you're most looking forward to on this trip?

1. When/how did your love for the UK being?
My answer to this question leads into my answer for the second one. The beginning of my anglophile obsession began after reading The Other Boleyn Girl and meeting Anne Boleyn. I was immediately captivated by this 16th century woman who turned not only a king but a kingdom upside down. She changed history in so many ways, was the original (in my opinion) player of the hard to get game, and defied her social restrictions and became a highly educated and opinionated woman. She knew her worth in a world where woman were property. She settled for nothing less than a crown and a king and I could talk about her for hours but I'll spare you. After reading that book, I was instantly fascinated with Anne and I wanted to know everything I could about not only her but that time period. I've read dozens of Tudor books but my obsession didn't stop there, I wanted to know more. There is almost nothing I won't read if it takes place in England especially if it's historical fiction. Their history is fascinating, scandalous, and unbelievable at times and I cannot get enough. Everything about this place amazes me and I haven't stopped loving it since I read that books over 10 years ago and the ironic thing is, it isn't not even a good portrayal of Anne. Oh, well. 

2. What is your favorite thing you've done there?
I am in love with both these countries so deeply and there isn't anything I don't love about them so this question was really hard! The energy of the city and the beauty of the country calls to me in equal measure so it was really difficult to try and pinpoint what IS my favorite thing I've done. When I came to my answer it should have been a little more obvious than it was but Hever Castle is my answer. Hever Castle is Anne Boleyn's childhood home and being able to go here was life-changing. The gardens were beautiful, the castle was enchanting, the surrounding town was idyllic. It was insane to think I was walking in her footsteps and don't even get me started on the surrounding town and how I'm convinced I discovered the Beauty and the Beast field. Of all the things I've done, Hever Castle holds a special place in my heart.

3. What is your favorite place there?
This didn't take much thought at all because not only is it my favorite place in the UK, it is a top 3 favorite place in the entire world; Isle of Skye in Scotland. I had heard about this magical place for years before finally going in 2016 with Steph and it was one of the best days of my life. The beauty of this place is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. It is lush and gorgeous and quaint and just perfection. There are hills and glens and streams and ports, everything about this place is just magic to me. If I could live there and make a living, I would. 

4. What is one thing you're most looking forward to on this trip?
Besides the obvious of spending a week with my bestie Hannah and freaking the freak out in our favorite place in the world, I am most looking forward to visiting The Lake District. Neither Hannah nor I have ever been and it looks beautiful. It is a place I've heard about for it's gothic beauty and stunning landscapes. And if I can do runner-ups I'm super excited to go back to Oxford on my birthday, eep!! I'm also going to York for a day because I really want to visit this city due to my fascination and love of the War of the Roses time period!

I hope you enjoyed my UK book recs fit for a Queen! These are some of my all-time favorite books so I hope you get a chance to read them and love them as much as I do!

I hope you enjoyed my UK Recs Fit For a Queen!
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