Wednesday, February 7, 2018

UK Recs Fit For a Queen // Movie and TV Shows

In case you don't follow me on social media, Hannah and I are currently traveling around the UK! We both wanted to commemorate our adventure on our blogs and what better way than to talk about all the different facets of the UK and why we love it. We'll be talking about our favorite books set in the UK, movies or TV shows, and what initially drew us to our love of this place.

Today, we're talking movies and TV Shows. Here are some of my favorite movies or TV shows that take place in England or Scotland and what to watch if you're looking for a UK kind of fix!

If you're looking to fall in love with an unexpected hero and be inspired,

If you're looking to get up in the drama of the upstairs and downstairs of English nobility,

If you're looking to escape to an English cottage,

If you're looking for stunning but inaccurate costumes and a tragic heroine,
Watch Reign

If you're looking for love in all forms,

If you're looking for magic,

If you're looking to meet the OG badass heroine and the broody hero,
Watch Jane Eyre

If you're looking to bring past and present together,
Watch The Crown

If you're looking for a companion in single girl problems,

If you're looking to be turned on by the sight of a scythe,
Watch Poldark

I hope you enjoyed my UK movie and show recs fit for a Queen! These are some of my all-time favorite books so I hope you get a chance to read them and love them as much as I do!

Check back on Friday for my post about what drew me to my initial love of the UK!

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